About Us

About Us

International Certification and Training Services (ICTS) is one of the most trusted ISO certification bodies. Our team of vastly experienced business consultants take a practical down to earth approach ensuring certification is achieved simply and efficiently. Our clients are varied and are involved in all types of business activities including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, I.T, Distribution and other Services. We are providing certification, training and inspection services as per requirements of National & International Standards like Quality Management System (QMS), Environment Management System (EMS), Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS), Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS), personnel certification, product certification, inspection services and/or any other field of certification emerging from time to time.  We have issued certificates and helped organizations throughout the world to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to provide businesses with a professional, affordable service to a realistic timescale in order for them to meet their objectives without the need for extensive internal resource commitment. We achieve this by utilizing our highly trained, experienced staff and by cutting through the jargon to deliver a practical system in plain English. We at ICTS always ensure our clients are our top priority and that they are treated with professionalism and courtesy. We are accredited by an International Organization and are inspected regularly. Our integrity is our pride, and our commitment to deadlines is our promise. Our team strives to make the certification experience really smooth for our clients.

Digitalization is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, and if anything that we should learn from this pandemic is embracing the unknown, it has changed the way we live, work and play. Throughout this period of uncertainty, ICTS strives to add value and preserve the trust in government bodies, businesses and consumers worldwide. Not only do we aim to inspire trust in technology and quality, but enabling progress by managing risks and facilitating change, thereby building a more promising future.


  • Professional Learning & Development Training Services
  • Systems & Standards Certification Services
  • Personnel Certification Services
  • Products Certification Services
  • Retail/Supplier & production


ICTS provides services to a diverse range of customers, products, and brands across many consumer and commercial industries. Some examples of ICTS’s primary service offerings are related to flavour companies, meat, poultry and dairy products, to vitamin, supplements, cosmetics and other personal care items.  Some of our non-consumables service offerings are related to filters, lubricants, cleaning materials and other synthetic chemical or natural mineral base goods. Some ICTS customers are small enterprises with products produced by third party manufacturers with the industry knowledge and experience to produce package, label and ship their goods anywhere.

Others ICTS customers are long-time family owned businesses who make cheese, ice cream, baked goods and beverages with years of time-tested formulas and flavours that continue to entice buyers domestically and even globally as their products and markets expand aided by Halal certification. ICTS is proud of its valued added customer focus on industry experience and proven by daily customer testaments to our excellent service levels. ICTS’s team of professionals serve product owners and manufacturers in every industry. ICTS serves various industries located nearly anywhere in the world. Whether it is meat and poultry, flavours and colours, nutraceuticals or non-consumables, processed food, bakery products- ICTS is the company to quickly accommodate all your halal inquiries and needs.  We serve offices, factories, manufacturers, and producers from all industries.   Additionally, large multinational companies entrust ICTS with the certification of their extensive line of products and multiple facilities.


Our core values derive from our faith which inspires us to be confident, fair, polite and professional, and bring about fresh positive changes in society.  One of our early focal points that remains today is to be an organization to serve and educate. We challenge ourselves to the highest level of authenticity and credibility, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact both inside and outside of our company.

Our values include:

  • Serve the customer – our clients who own and/or produce their products.
  • Provide value added services by answering more than the obvious singular questions and anticipate and address the full scope of issues
  • Share our decades of global experience to educate our customers and general consumer inquiries.
  • Give back to the community around us. We strongly believe, a success that does not give back is a selfish one.
  • Communicate in an effective and timely manner by both phone and email for a personalized touch.
  • Deliver services in short turnaround times and expedite processes without sacrificing internal and international Halal compliance standards.
  • Establish and maintain a professional rapport with existing or prospective customers.
  • Be an ongoing reliable resource to always present a clear picture of an ever growing and changing industry.